The Miners Churchill coffee shop is located on Italská 2584/69. It opened in June, 2020 and is located just near the University of Economics and offices around the Winston Churchill's square. 


The interior design was created by Svetlana Kolpakova. She created it for people to feel comfortable, inspired, and driven to create something great. The interior is minimalistic, industrial, airy, and open. There is nothing to distract you from your cup of coffee,

work or friends.

Opening hours:

Monday - Friday               8:00 - 16:00

Saturday                             Closed

Sunday                                Closed


The Miners Coffee Shop at Slavíkova 1611/5 is our first space. It opened in March, 2019 which is located in Vinohrady, just near iconic Jiřího z Poděbrad Square. It has become an urban cultural hub where modern people meet to mine for new ideas and new flavours. 

The minimalistic and simple space with a lot of greenery and wooden elements is perfect for meeting with friends and partners, exchanging the ideas, and enjoying a cup of coffee. 

You can read a bit more in the Czech Design mag. They mentioned our space in this article.

Opening hours:

Monday - Friday            7:00 - 19:00

Saturday                          8:30 - 19:00

Sunday                             8:30 - 19:00



In September, 2020, Miners opened a brand new coffeeshop in Opero space.


Opero is a cutting-edge shared space for work, networking, and social events. Its highly representative spaces in downtown Prague offer services tailored for leading entrepreneurs and managers seeking new inspiration, representatives of independent professions, companies, and project teams, as well as regional entrepreneurs seeking occasional office space in Prague.

The Miners x Opero coffeeshop is now open for the residents and clients of the co-working only.



Coffee bar in the office is a modern way to create a better working environment, enhance employees' motivation, and boost their productivity. 

Meetings in the office will become more productive, company's celebrations will bring even more joy, and the overall atmosphere of the office will be more cozy and welcoming. 

Such bars can be regular or event-based. If you are an employee or an owner of a business, and would like to have a bar like this, send us a request, and we will approach you with a proposal.



Our roast masters are creating flavour profiles for the unique coffee lots that we buy directly from coffee farmers. Such a cooperation allows us to get the marvels of the coffee world, while contributing to the global movement of Direct Trade and reinforcing the development of local communities. 


Our goal is to open up the potential of each coffee and make sure that the end result will pleasantly surprise you with a variety of delicate and fruity flavours.  We are roasting the coffee on Giesen W15 roaster.  

It is a privilege for us to bring the coffee from farmers who we admire to our cafes and our guests' homes. 

Roastery is located in Prague, Vršovice.