Colombia Moises Chaguala Filter 250g Coffee Beans

Filter 250g
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Snake Fruit, Demerara, Pink Pepper, Yellow Fig


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Finca La Maria
1600 masl
Borbon Aji
Brewing Method:
Aeropress, Chemex, French Press, V60, Vacuum Pot


Huila Region

Colombian Huila region is well known for a great coffee growing geography, altitudes as well as some incredible producers. Despite its expansive size, the coffee production in this region predominantly thrives on small-scale operations. Remarkably, up to 80% of producers meticulously tend to their crops on plots smaller than 3 hectares. These intimate, family-run farms foster a hands-on approach, with individual families rarely outsourcing labour. This commitment results in meticulous and intensive management practices, evoking immense pride in the final product.

Las Marias & Moises Chaguala

One of these farmers is Moises Chaguala, who is an owner of finca La Maria. Moises produces his coffee with love and the way that feels contagious and is represented in the results of each one of his coffees he produces. The Borbon Aji variety, which gets its name from a popular sauce, is one of the first that are being found across Colombia. Moises works closely with Forest Coffee importers in order to develop new natural processing methods with different varieties he has on his farm La Maria, located in the Huila region.


This coffee went through a natural process of 84 hours submerged in tanks with water. The immersion in water imparts complexity and exceptional cleanliness to the coffee. Once ready, the cherries goes to african beds for a drying stage under the sun for around 16 days, and then finished with a mechanical drying drum in order to get as even drying as possible. When optimum moisture levels are obtained, the coffee gets stabilised in cherry for another 30 days.

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