Drip coffee Brazil Anilson Faria Ramos

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Prepare hot water and your favourite mug, because you don't need anything else to make coffee this way.

Chocolate, blueberries, star-fruit, mango


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750 masl
Anaerobic Natural

Brewing Method:

  • Prepare hot water and your favourite mug, because you don't need anything else for this method of brewing.
  • Open the bag.
  • Shake it a bit to distribute the coffee evenly, then place the bag on the cup.
  • Pour 30 ml of hot water or until the bag is half full. Wait for 30 seconds. This is the pre-infusion phase.
  • Pour 70 ml of water to fully fill the filter. Wait until the water drains through the coffee (we will repeat this step two times more).
  • Pour water until the filter is completely full. Wait until the water drains.
  • Finally, pour another 70 ml of water. Wait until you get a delicious and sweet cup of coffee.


Hi, my name is Anilson Fária and I'm a micro-producer from the Zona de Mata region, which is situated in the southeastern part of the state Minas Gerais, along the border of the states of Rio de Janeiro and Esperito Santo. our farm has about 3 hectares which are dedicated to the coffee production.

In the past, I've participated in a competition which took place in São Domingos das Doresand was promoted by the EMATER which is governmental organisations who provide courses in agriculture. I managed to win a second place at the regional level lpatinga.

Thanks to that, I've become more interested in fermented coffees and for this year embarked on this new experience. At the beginning, I only thought about using those experiments for our family consumptions. However, I've become more interested in the process along with my daughter. I decided to prepare an extra amount and so we improvised a hanging field with a barrel, canvas and shade cloth. Even though I have the lowest possible expenditure I hope I can serve this market well in the future.

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