Frequently Asked Questions

a) Shipping in the Czech Republic.
How long does it take to get my order?
All orders are shipped the next day and will get to you in 2 to 7 days.
Express shipping
In case you need coffee asap, we have a fast-delivery option for you! Place your order before 2 p.m., choose express delivery, and get your beans the same day (workdays only).
b) Shipping across Europe
How long does it take to get my order?
Depending on your shipping address, it can take from 2 to 14 days for your order to arrive.
c) Shipping outside of the EU
How long does it take for my order to arrive?
Unfortunately, we don’t ship outside the EU.
How do you roast your coffee beans?
We carefully adjust the roasting profile to each coffee bean origin and variety so we can display its individual, clean flavor and also make it balanced.
Do you have different roast profiles for filter and espresso coffees?
We differentiate our roasting style by espresso and filter, so you get the best of the beans depending on the preparation method you prefer.
How often?
We roast coffee twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays.
What equipment do you use in a roastery?
We roast our coffee on a Giesen W15 roaster. Svou kávu pražíme na Giesenu W15.

What materials are capsules made of?
The Miners capsules are made from 100% bio-based, renewable raw materials. The main material is wood, which is processed into our ecological coffee capsules from wood shavings. For this purpose, the untreated wood fibers are mixed with a binder made of plant starch (PLA).
Due to 100% renewable raw materials originating from the cycle of nature, no harmful substances can enter the environment even after use. Thus, our coffee capsules create a natural and CO2-neutral cycle.
What coffee machines can The Miners capsules be used with?      
The Miners capsules are compatible with the most popular NESPRESSO original machines for private households.
We have successfully tested the capsules in all machines that were sold after 2012. If you have an older machine (e.g. model series "ESSENZA") or you are unsure about the compatibility, please contact us any time at
The Miners coffee capsules are not compatible with the following capsule machines:
  • Nescafé Dolce Gusto
  • Tchibo Caffissimo
  • NESPRESSO Vertuo
  • Tassimo
The Miners coffee capsules cannot be used with coffee pod machines.
The machine closes a little harder, why?
Due to the use of natural materials in our coffee capsules, some of the capsule machines (e.g. model series "ESSENZA") may be somewhat more difficult to close. This does not damage the capsule machine - we did tests with many capsules in different machines and found no adverse effects. The only difference is that you may have to use a little more force to press down the lever.

Should I eject the capsule immediately after the brewing application?
We recommend ejecting The Miners coffee capsules straight after the brewing process. The wood fibers in the coffee capsule swell up during the brewing. This is one of the reasons why The Miners coffee capsules are so easy to compost. However, it also means that the capsules can get stuck if they are not ejected immediately after the brewing process. Open the lever of your capsule machine as soon as your coffee is ready so that the capsule falls into the collection container.
(The Miners Coffee & Characters have no connection to Nestlé and the NESPRESSO brands)
We accept PayPal and most credit cards.
For Wholesale:
In addition to card payments, you can pay by bank transfer. For your first order, we will need 100% prepayment before shipping. For the next orders, you will have 14 days net.
How to store coffee beans?
The best way to store coffee is to keep it whole beans (not ground) in an airtight container in a cool, dark place.
Does coffee pre-grinding make coffee worse?
We think freshly ground coffee will give you the best possible coffee experience and help your coffee stay fresh longer, but for those who don't have a coffee grinder at home, we have an option to grind coffee beans before shipping.
I would like to serve The Miners beans in my business (office, cafe). How do I get started?
Glad to hear! You can get in touch with us at or submit a form here so we get in touch with you and create a wholesale account.