Coffee Brewing: Beginner Mistakes

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Brewing coffee at home like a pro is not easy but once you get your perfect cup, you will realize that all your efforts worth it!

Here is your shortcut from a beginner to a pro: The list of mistakes you want to avoid.

This post is written with our barista Alexey Popov :)

1. Using tap water

Coffee needs water with a special mineral content that will help to enhance its delicate flavors. Ask a barista in your favorite local coffee shop what filter they suggest using for home brewing.

Soon a special filter — Peak Water will be out on the market. It was developed by Maxell Colonna, who is a good friend of The Miners.

2. Using a grinder with blades

A burr grinder is the only good grinder. It can be electric or hand one. Burrs will make the grinds of the same size, which is important for the taste and consistency.

Here are a few nice options but you can also consult with your local barista

Timemore grinder

Hario grinder

3. Not using scales and timer

For the best results and being able to make adjustments in your homebrewing, you need to track how much coffee and water you used and how much time did the brewing take. Using scales and timer is very easy and it pays you off with better coffee.

Here are examples of nice coffee gear:

Acaia scales with a built-in timer

Brewista scales

4. Not following the basic brewing ratio

Try to keep the basic brewing ratio: 60g of coffee per 1 liter of water. But don't be afraid to experiment!

Always track the time of your brewing. Try to keep the following time for brewing with different devices:

V60, Chemex, Kalita: 2:30 - 3:15 minutes;

French press: 4 minutes.

You can influence the time by changing the grind size:

Finer the grinding size - slower,

Coarser - faster.

5. Using old coffee

Always take a look when your coffee has been roasted. Coffee needs 2-10 days to "rest" after roasting and then will be fresh up to 30 days. Old coffee does not have rich aroma and distinct flavor.

You can select your coffee beans at our coffee shop. We always have our roasted coffee and a few bags from other specialty roasters.

Photo by Boris Mayer

Author: Anastasia Mezenina


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