The 1st month of The MINERS

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

The MINERS Coffee & Characters opened on the 9th of March and threw a party for the Jiriho z Podebrad neighbourhood.

To describe how it went in a few words: there was a lot of coffee, a live music performance by Frank Di Matteo, lovely people, their children and pets, a lot of positive energy, and more coffee, obviously...

We were brewing

more than 1 cup of coffee per minute at the Opening Party!

We are very grateful to be a part of such a curious and modern community. It was a pleasure to see that people understood our concept from the first day.

The MINERS Art Giveaway

Thanks to all the people who have participated in The MINERS Art giveaway. We asked to draw something on our cups and post the photos online to get a chance to win one of the 13 prizes!

The winners are coming to the coffee shop for their prizes: sets for coffee brewing, workshops, and tickets to the World of Coffee in Berlin.

In the last month, we introduced a few new drinks and sandwiches to our menu. We do our best to create original and tasty recipes for you.

We partnered with Angelato to make a unique Affogato experience.

Our Matus has developed a coffee-based cocktail called Mat Rocks.

Also, we are now offering 3 different sandwiches:

Pastrami, Ham&Cheese, and Vegan.

Rare Coffee Experience

In the pursuit of unique flavours, we have been exploring rare lots from all over the world until we tried Maputo Honey Sidra beans by Colonna Coffee. We knew straight away, that’s what we want to share with those willing to explore.

This is a limited-quantity micro lot grown in Ecuador. It is honey processed. After extensive research and development, we came up with the precise method to brew it, so that the coffee profile is opened really well. The Rare is based on the trinity or uniqueness, discovery, and distinction.

Cupping & Talks

A couple of coffee events were held at The MINERS last month. We want to share our passion and knowledge for specialty coffee with our guests through coffee tasting sessions and small lectures. Our coffee geek Oleg Patrakov was happy to share some info on the third-wave water and coffee processing last month. Stay tuned for more events on our Facebook @theminerscoffee.

Thank you for supporting us!

See you at The MINERS.

Author: Anastasia Mezenina


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