The MINERS Brewing Guide: French Press

Frech Press brew is dense, full-bodied, and heavy. This method is very easy and quick to make. We suggest trying The Miners filter coffee for it. For this time we will use Shembati Butaganzwa from Burundi. This coffee is from the "Coffee We Love" collection. Its flavour is reminiscent of red current, green apple, and vanilla.

Things you will need:

Coffee Beans (we can grind the coffee for you)

Kettle (you can use a regular kettle for your brew)

French Press (any kind will work)

Grinder (burr grinder is better than blades grinder)

Step 1: Boil your water

We suggest following the basic brewing ratio: 60g of coffee per 1 liter of water.

You should pour the water in French Press with coffee grinds as soon as it boils.

You can find out more about brewing temperatures in this video by James Hoffmann.

Step 2: Grind your coffee coarsely

You need to grind coffee beans evenly, so the extraction of coffee is uniform and gradual. We can grind your coffee in our cafe for you in advance, however, it is better to grind the beans just before brewing using a high-quality grinder, so they keep the aroma and extract better in water.

Step 3: Add coffee grinds to French Press and pour water

The brewing time for French Press is 4min. You can put the lid, so it just touches the top of the slurry.

Step 4: Push the handle a centimetre down and pour all the coffee in a cup

Do not push the handle to the bottom or stir the coffee inside the french press.

Enjoy your cup and if you feel like there is a room for improvement - experiment with the grind size, mineral content in water, and water temperature!

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Author: Anastasia Mezenina

Photo by: Boris Mayer, Anastasia Mezenina

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