How to work with a style - Veronika from Stylish Coffee

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Author: Anastasia Mezenina

Veronika Tazlerova from the Stylish Coffee blog shared with us her insights on:

Working Online: Life/Work blend.

Haters: What it takes to be real on the social media.

Blogging: Side that no one sees.

When people ask, what I do for life, I simply say: «I work online». I know, people have presumptions about bloggers and some of them think that we are just sitting in cafes, drinking coffee and getting paid for that. They don’t realise that it is a work without weekends or vacations and that we are working in a very competitive environment.

I started my blog 4 years ago to inspire and motivate people to travel and to explore new cafes. It was hard to stand out, because of high competition, but I was determined to continue. Only my friends supported me on the way, my parents still think it is more like a hobby.

My motivation to write now is all these years of hard work and my readers’ reactions and responses. I don’t want to lose that. Mainly I get inspired by other bloggers and my friends.

My advice to people that are starting their blog and not receiving any support - Just do it and be patient. The potential is very big and it may open a lot of possibilities in the future.

I have a specific workflow for writing for my blog.

1. I write my text. I prefer doing that in a cafe with some nice music on the background and quiet atmosphere. I can’t work in silence but nothing distracts me more than loud people’s conversations. I really need to feel comfortable, so sometimes I go to the Elite Bloggers Hub to write.

2. Then I take photos for the post. I don’t start with photos because it will be harder to come up with a text for them. Some bloggers have a lot of photos and hardly any ideas about what to write.

It took me a year to write a post and publish it on my blog.

I wrote a post about loving yourself and accepting your body as it is, whether it is skinny or overweight. I was very hesitant before uploading my photos from childhood and showing how I looked like because I didn’t know, what my friends were going to say about that. I did not care so much about people that I don’t know. But I decided that it will empower my audience and show that, what I look like right now is not because of my genes.

I received a lot of reactions after I published it: some people said that I inspired them, however, there were a lot of haters’ comments as well. It’s hard not to take their comments personally. It hurts me every time but I never delete their comments. It doesn't work that way. They will write more. I’m very happy when my followers respond to haters for me.

The power of bloggers is that they are getting personal. People are unfollowing celebrities because there is very little personal interaction, they rarely share their ideas, views, or personal stuff.

No one sees my personal life.

To be completely honest, I am not as personal as I may be. Whatever I write is true, but I will not share something about my family or friends because I respect their privacy. This is the line that I don’t cross. If people wanted to see more of that, I would compromise, but now it is in balance.

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