Miners Sample Box
  • Miners Sample Box

    This set contains all types of filter coffee we offer*:


    * 1 coffee bag contains 65 g of beans


    Inside sample box you can also find:

    • 2 unique Miners stickers
    • 4 brewing guides written by our Head Roaster Jim
    • 10% promocode for next order


    Small packages of 50 grams will help you better understand the unique flavours of each variety.

    Coffee is filter roasted is suitable for brewing in the French press, Vacuum Pot, AeroPress, V60, Chemex and Moka pot. We have attached the guide "How to brew at home" to the set for your convenience.

    Coffee is selected in such a way that the taste profiles of each pack differ in the level of acidity and density. This will help you identify which coffee variety you like the most.


    Hope you will enjoy it!