We are a specialty coffee roastery and a coffee shop chain.

At the beginning there was an idea to open a cultural hub for people to work on their projects and while surrounded by likeminded and ambitious people.

We opened our first coffee shop in March 2019 and since then never stopped moving forward and keep on expanding, from a single store in Slavíkova we moved on to open our other locations as well as bakery to serve you fresh pastries and desserts daily, roastery and implemented coffee shops in coworking spaces and offices.

Occasionally we host events, such as THE MINERS run, where you get free coffee for running with us to ensure not only a healthy mind but body as well, or cuppings where a professional barista takes you on a sensory tour of our coffee, and many more.

Right now, you can visit our stores in Prague, not only in the form of traditional coffee shops but in coworking spaces and offices, and soon you’ll be able to visit us in our new location in the city of Barcelona and we will keep on expanding into the world.

We work only with specialty coffee and we often source it directly from the farmers. We do all the hard work and put our minds to do all the research so our customers can enjoy great coffee, simply. But no matter how good your coffee is, you will always need a team of skilled baristas to bring the roaster's vision to life. That is why we created a comprehensive one week long training program for all our baristas, which they finish by taking an exam, to ensure they have all the knowledge and skills to ensure we are always ready to serve you the best cup of coffee. Another important area is the machinery, our high-quality equipment includes La Marzocco and Slayer coffee machines.

Our latest startup which was successfully crowdfunded are compostable capsules compatible with Nespresso machines, so you can enjoy our coffee from the comfort of your home, even without fancy grinders and equipment, for a quick, but still well balanced and tasteful cup of coffee. You can read more about the campaign in articles by CzechCrunch and more about our owner in Forbes.

The Miners Coffee
The Miners Coffee

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THE MINERS is an urban cultural hub where modern people meet to work on their projects, share ideas, and enjoy a cup of excellent coffee.