How to brew coffee with the drip bag

Drip coffee bags are small pouches of ground coffee with folded paper hooks that allow the bag to suspend over a cup. They were invented in Japan in the late 1990s. They are easy to use and provide a quick, quality cup of coffee with minimal effort and mess.

Open coffee drip in a glass

When preparing your coffee from a drip bag, you use what is called an immersion brewing technique. Drip bags are made in such a way that allows the coffee to slowly diffuse into the cup of water. The extraction process can be adjusted just by swirling your mug. You can also make your coffee less acidic or less bitter by adjusting the water temperature. The hotter the water is, the faster the extraction. Over-extracted coffee usually tastes more bitter whereas under-extracted coffee leaves you with a more acidic taste. Once brewed, the bag of wet grounds can be thrown away. The bag's coffee cannot be reused, however, it can be easily composted. To do this, you can set up a home composting system or see if the services are provided by your locality.

Coffee drip bags allow you to make a perfect cup of coffee wherever you are without the need for a machine or full-size bag of beans. Use them in the office, at home, or on the road to make instantly delicious coffee just by adding hot water. Not only are they a great alternative to instant coffee, they perfectly cater to the on-the-go lifestyles of modern-day coffee drinkers.

Brewed coffee drip in a cup
Brewed coffee drip in a cup


Simply heat up the water (at a preferable 92 degrees) and pour into your favourite mug! You're ready to go.

The coffee drip brewing method step by step:

  • Open the bag.
  • Shake it a bit to distribute the coffee evenly, then place the bag on the cup.
  • Pour 30 ml of hot water or until the bag is half full. Wait for 30 seconds. This is the pre-infusion phase.
  • Pour 70 ml of water to fill the filter fully. Wait until the water completely drains through the coffee.
  • Repeat the last step two more times.
  • After the water is fully drained, you will then have a delicious and sweet cup of coffee.
Brewing coffee drip

Note: We recommend using a tall enough mug to ensure that the coffee drip bag remains above water level. Doing this will prevent the brewed coffee from mixing with the fresh water.

The Miners coffee drip bags contain coffee that has been naturally processed. This processing method brings maximum sweetness, low acidity, and pronounced fruitiness to your cup.