The Miners Charles Bridge, Prague

Welcome to The Miners Charles Bridge, our 10th location situated in the heart of Prague, close to Charles Bridge. This 2-floor venue seamlessly integrates the city's historical charm with a modern and lively atmosphere. Upon entering, you will be enthralled by a unique and vibrant space designed for both productivity and relaxation. The ground floor boasts a community zone, a collaborative hub where innovative minds come together to explore new ideas and flavors.

Whether you need a convenient workspace or a cozy spot to unwind, The Miners Charles Bridge has got you covered. The old-world charm of the building meets contemporary aesthetics, creating a visually pleasing ambiance that stimulates creativity and relaxation. From lively conversations to focused work sessions, Charles Bridge promises an experience beyond the ordinary. Welcome to a place where tradition meets modernity, and exceptional specialty coffee from The Miners takes center stage in the heart of Prague.

Lázeňská 282/19, 118 00 Prague 1
The Miners Coffee

8x in Prague, 2x in Barcelona

THE MINERS is an urban cultural hub where modern people meet to work on their projects, share ideas, and enjoy a cup of excellent coffee.