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Quality of green bean
Great reputation
Fast delivery & Quick communication
Fair pricing
We started our coffee shops in 2016 and now we run 4 locations ourselves. During that time we have a chance to work with over 20 roasters from all around the world. Having this experience who if not us understand the operations and needs of a coffee shop owner.
Since we opened our own roastery we tried to provide this experience to other entrepreneurs and supply them with freshly roasted, nicely priced and constantly good coffee. And it was highly appreciated by European cafes as well as offices we supply beans to.
If you own a coffee shop or any other business, work in an office where you drink a cup or two, the Miners is willing to offer you exceptional quality beans along with:
  • fast delivery in Prague and Czech republic
  • direct and quick communication with the roastery team
  • fair pricing program
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